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    Student Scholarship form


    Note For Scholarship Step 1 / 3

    •  Fill in all your details in the form.
    •  Rs 100/- is the registration fee for the scholarship. You can pay it through Google pay 9000100076 (or) if you are are registering offline you can pay at the School (Either of the campuses)
    •  The Academic Scholarship is for students who excel in academics. The Academic scholarship test will be conducted on 04th April 2021.
         1st prize: 100% Scholarship
         2nd Prize: 50% Scholarship

    •  Scholarship for co-curricular activities and sports. Co-curricular activities such as dance, music and art only. Sports activities would include chess, kabaddi, skating, karate, cricket and table tennis only. Students should have achieved a National/State award or recognition. They can upload their certificate as proof or bring the concerned certificate or document for offline registration.

    •  The test for co-curricular activities and sports will be conducted on 28th March 2021.
         1st prize: 70% Scholarship
         2nd prize is a 50% scholarship

    •  The final date for registering for both is 21st March 2021.

    •  The results will be announced on 10th May 2021.

    •  For any other queries please reach out to us at 7093904002


    Student Informaltion: Step 2 / 3


    Payment Informaltion: Step 2/3

    Scan the QR Code below and pay a sum of Rs 100/-.


    Transfer to "9000100076"

    Note: Students who are not paying their registration fee online will have to go to the School and register offline. Registration without payment will be considered invalid.