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    The Role of High-School Education in Overall Child Development

    School is your child’s second home. They gain knowledge in abundance at this very place. It is important that we understand the role high school education plays in your child’s intellectual development, personality development, and emotional attributes.

    High school is when your child is in his/her prime teenage years. They have their energy fresh and are capable of doing literally anything they want to do. Therefore our academic approach should be such that the students can gain the best during this phase of their life.

    In general, the syllabus and curriculum are designed in such a way that students end up learning the most important concepts at this stage of their life. Not only do they learn but also grasp them really well. Schools focus on teaching them essential language skills, where they taught prose and poetry with great rigor. The scientific concepts are explained to them in the laboratory and history and geography are taught with an aim to encourage students to develop a perspective about the world around them.

    Pranav International School ensures adequate training when it comes to the intellectual growth of the child's high school education .Due to the individual attention a student gets here, he/she is able to work on themselves and bring the best out of them.Another important aspect of the child’s experience at high school education is the shaping of their personality. Personality development is done in high school in indirect and subtle means. A child’s confidence is boosted through activities like debates, performances at school events, participation in extracurricular activities, and sports.

    A School must ensure that the students are taking interest in any of these activities because it is extremely crucial for their overall development. The willingness they show, the sportsmanship they possess, and their attitude towards their peers, all decide their inner personality traits and shape them to be wise people who display such virtues at their workplace.

    Importance of Holistic Approach to High School Education

    However, the students have to face the first major milestone of their academic life, which is the Board Exams. The student performances in the exam reflect on their efforts and also define the future path. This document is literal proof of the plethora of things the students are going to pursue in the future. Therefore, the teachers during high school should pay special attention to the fact that students are able to understand and perform well in their examinations and that they are confident in their abilities.

    Special care from the school is very important because this is the stage where most students rely on their teachers for all the help and guidance. Correct guidance and help make an average student shine in the exams. The teacher should ensure that the student falls in love with every subject they are taught.

    The role of extracurricular activities is also very crucial. This is not only a stress buster for the children but, also a major contributor to the child’s holistic development. When the student takes time out for these activities, he/she is not only refreshed to go back and study better but is also encouraged to develop a competitive spirit, communication skills, and ability to perform in stressful situations.

    Extracurricular activities in many ways can prove to be very beneficial for the children. At Pranav International Schools In Hyderabad , we make it a point that extra curricular activities are given adequate importance and the children are encouraged to give their best at it. These activities can include sports activities like running, swimming, basketball, football, skating, karate and indoor games like table tennis, chessn, carrom board or even competitions like debates, elocutions, recitation, quiz, public speaking etc. Every activity gives the child a specific skill set. The impact it has on the student is totally worth it.

    Few things have to be dealt with specifically in high school education, as said earlier, at this stage the students have their best energy, but, it is also at this very stage that their image is being formed. They are blooming, their self-esteem is developing, their personality is developing, as teachers, parents and guides it is always suggested that the students are dealt with sensitively.

    They are going to be young adults and are going to enter a new stage in life after they pass out. Therefore, our teachers are well prepared to understand the students and their sensitivities in order to bring the best out of them in performance and shape their character and personality to their benefit.

    As we all know, school days are the best days of everybody’s lives, their experiences here matter the most, their good experiences last a lifetime and the same applies to the bad experiences as well. Teachers and other staff ensure that they do their best to make their experience smooth, secure and successful.

    Below Are a Few Tips to Choose the Right High School for Your Child:-

    • 1) Ensure that the High school you choose has a good campus with a playground, so that the students are given the opportunity to involve themselves in extracurricular activities.
    • 2) Check the reviews of the school online, if possible make an effort to get in touch with people whose son or daughter is studying in that school.
    • 3) Have a thorough visit of the campus, speak to the faculty and administration, Their communication skills reflect the academic stature of the school.
    • 4) Check the distance of the school from your home, in case it is too far, it will be too difficult for your child to travel, especially in high school.
    • 5) Find out the number of students taken in each class. If there are less students, then that will be beneficial for your child. Your child will get individual attention and his/her performance will be good.
    • 6) Ask the school for pass percentages of the 10th batch, if the results are good that would mean that the training and teaching given is adequate.
    • 7) Finally, after considering all the parameters you have to make a fair judgement based on the facts you have gathered and by your instinct. Then you can rest assured that your child is going to the best school and is getting the best high school education.